Ada presents IRR Compilation One
I Can`t Exist
My Heart
Circle Circus
Forty Winks
I Want To Sleep
Circle Circus
René Breitbarth
Circle Circus
Can you imagine an up-and-coming house music label without a funky, wah-wah guitar track? Would be a kind of „bojour tristesse“! But thank God René Breitbarth releases us from this ongoing misery by nicely banging on his guitar strings on our fourth release. The only thing you want to do is saunter through the sunny streets of San Francisco, or Berlin, or even Cologne, with comfy „in ear monitor“ plugs and smoking a nice cig (all you non-smokers out there, please use your imagination). On the flip side, the sun may slowly call it a day and go down at the horizon.

This is René’s first release on Areal. More can be found on Treibstoff, Sub-Static and Dessous, and of course on his own, fabulous label: Deep Data!
format: 12"
releasedate: 2009-06-02
mailorder: kompakt
mp3: beatport,
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