Ada presents IRR Compilation One
I Can`t Exist
My Heart
Circle Circus
Forty Winks
I Want To Sleep
Forty Winks
Forty Winks
IRR number three presents Ada in her new (voluptuous) autumn robe. She is wallowing in pop and immersed in a sea of soul leaves. The beat of „Forty Winks“ is strolling through the woods to get a little break, and we in return, are really pleased to have an unusual track for very special moments. When you flip the record over, you will find „Kink-a-Jou“ – and this one is finest „Ada House“: after the beat has taken a little rest, it passes the bar, and makes its way back on to the dance-floor again.
format: 12"
releasedate: 2008-11-17
mailorder: kompakt
mp3: beatport,
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